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Pitt Basketball Recruiting: Barry Rohrssen among those expected to stand in way of Pitt for 2015 PF Cheick Diallo

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt has serious competition for 2015 basketball recruit Cheick Diallo, we all know that. When all is said and done, Diallo will have virtually his pick of schools. One of the program's biggest obstacles will likely come in the form of old assistant, Barry Rohrssen.

Rohrssen left Pitt a few weeks ago and if you follow the trail of bread crumbs, it doesn't take rocket science to know that he'll be hot on the trail of Diallo now that the assistant is at Kentucky.

A few articles mentioned this very thing recently and even though the Wildcats haven't even officially offered him yet (according to Rivals and Scout), Rohrssen is already sniffing around. ZagsBlog wrote recently that Kentucky is expected to pick up his recruitment of Diallo. A recent 247 article also said that they'll be showing more interest as well. That held true as a few days ago, Rohrssen and head coach John Calipari checked up on Diallo at a Nike EYBL event.

As I wrote a while back, Rohrssen's reputation may have been a bit exaggerated. He was certainly the Panthers' best recruiter on the current staff, but several of his coveted New York prospects never really panned out. But his impact goes well beyond this year as he could help get Diallo out of Pitt's grasp and while 2016 recruit Mustapha Heron is still considered a Pitt commit, Rohrssen's relationship with his family means Pitt may end up having to fight for him as well.

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