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Pitt Basketball Recruiting: Panthers Pursuing 2015 guard Dupree McBrayer

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, Jim mentioned plenty of names that Pitt is pursuing in its 2015 basketball class. You can add another to that list in guard Dupree McBrayer.

ZagsBlog mentions that Pitt is in pursuit of McBrayer and also has offered him. Others in line for his services so far include Seton Hall and Minnesota.

Pitt isn't only after him, but his coach says that Jamie Dixon is really interested:

Pitt coach Jamie Dixon has also been “very, very hot for him,” Chevannes said.

From what I can tell, McBrayer isn't rated by any of the major recruiting sites. And considering the Panthers' need for talented bigs, I'm pretty confused by this kind of offer this early. Look, I'm far from being a recruiting guru and until a player commits to the Panthers, it's hard for me to get too interested unless we're talking about a major recruit.

But while Pitt has had some luck in getting more about of some of their lesser rated guys, offering them this early in the process with so many big fish out there seems a little questionable ... at least to me.

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