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Poll of the Week: Are you worried about Pitt football's recruiting?

Do you trust Paul Chryst and his staff?

Do you trust this man in the recruiting game?
Do you trust this man in the recruiting game?
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

With the loss of another big area recruit, you can go ahead and cue all of the bridge jumpers on the Pitt fan base. Sterling Jenkins shocked no one in picking Penn State on Tuesday night over Ohio State and the Panthers missed out on another local star. Jenkins, from Pitt's backyard at Baldwin High School, strengthened the argument of Chryst's haters that believe he can not recruit.

Chryst's recruiting tactics have been a topic of discussion for the Panther fan base since he started. Many aren't big fans of his laid back style but others also think he knows exactly what he is doing.  Right now, Pitt has three commits and it looks like all three have potential to be very good college players. However, more times than not, Chryst has missed out on the big boys and Jenkins was more proof of that.

It has been well documented that Pitt's recruiting classes are looking a lot like Wisconsin's classes while Chryst was on the coaching staff in Madison. There were a few stars, but overall, they were never consistently in the top 25 for recruiting. Pitt's classes, so far, have resembled those. The question this week is simple: Do you trust Paul Chryst's style in recruiting?

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