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Jamie Dixon is the University of Pittsburgh's top earner

Four of the university's top five biggest earners from this fiscal year are in the athletic department.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, the University of Pittsburgh released its top earners from the 2013-14 fiscal year that ends on June 30. To no suprise, men's basketball head coach Jamie Dixon came in atop at $2,141,522 in total compensation. Second on that list was head football coach Paul Chryst, who had a total compensation $1,578,757.

Four of the top five earners in fact are part of the athletic program with athletic director Steve Pederson and former women's basketball head coach Agnus Beranato who was fifth.

This is a sign of the times for Pitt more than anything. Coaches and athletic directors are the top earners at most if not all of the universities with elite athletic programs.

According to the website Business Insiders, as of December 2013, Jamie Dixon was the 24th highest paid coach in college basketball. However, his total compensation from this fiscal year most likely places him in the top-20 highest paid coaches.

Dixon certainly is one of the top-20 coaches in college basketball if not the top-10 so it makes sense that his total compensation is valued in that tier.

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