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2014 MLB Draft (New York Yankees): Return by Pitt pitcher Matt Wotherspoon doesn't pay off

Photo used with permission of University of Pittsburgh athletics department -

Last year, Panthers pitcher Matt Wotherspoon was one of three players taken in the MLB Draft. The other two, Elvin Soto and Ethan Mildren, both bolted for the pros. Wotherspoon, however, stayed behind after being taken by the Detroit Tigers in the 20th round. He didn't sign with his pro team and came back to college.

While that move benefited the Panthers, it hurt his stock in the process.

Wotherspoon struggled with an up and down year this season, so it was expected that his stock would fall. He was only 5-6 this year and had a 4.44 ERA and as a result, he wasn't taken until the 34th round by the New York Yankees. That will, almost surely, equal a smaller signing bonus and also delayed any progress to the majors.

He pitched really well as a junior in 2013 and the increased competition surely hurt. But even though he was taken later, the fact still remains that he has a chance to make the major leagues. In the end, his draft position is inconsequential.

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