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DeJuan Blair set to become a free agent

DeJuan Blair will be a free agent and should have a high amount of options.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Former Pitt star DeJuan Blair is about to enter free agency for the second straight off-season. Blair came up big for the Mavericks in their series one loss to the Western Conference champion San Antonio Spurs.

The storyline was great, Blair's new team against his old team and he made his mark. Its hard to imagine what the series could have been, had Blair not been suspended for game 5 due to a "hostile" kick.

Blair's future is up in the air, as per the Mavericks website, Blair would love to remain in Dallas with the Mavericks, its just a matter of if it is in the budget for the team.

"I think I can bring that energy and toughness," Blair said. "More toughness to our team. We’ve just got to click as a team."

The 6'7" big man is a gritty rebounder that can come off of the bench at any moment and provide a spark. It would not be surprising to see him on another team next season since the Mavericks have big men Brandon Wright and Samuel Dalembert already signed for next season. However, the Mavericks could use his services and given his age, 25, it would not be a bad idea to lock him up for the future. It is in Mark Cuban's hands now.

Blair should command more money on the open market as well as be able to find a suitor that will allot him more playing time.

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