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Pitt Baseball: Panthers' MLB Draft Picks Joe Harvey, Luke Curtis, and Matt Wotherspoon all sign with teams

Photo used with permission of University of Pittsburgh athletics department -

Last week, three Pitt baseball players, pitchers Matt Wotherspoon, Joseph Harvey, and Luke Curtis, all were selected in the 2014 MLB Draft. Harvey and Wotherspoon were taken by the New York Yankees and Curtis by the Milwaukee Brewers.

The trio didn't waste any time signing with their new teams. Wotherspoon and Harvey have both signed with the Yankees, per their team website, and the same goes for Curtis, whose signing is also on the Brewers' official site.

Wotherspoon was a senior, so there wasn't a chance of him returning. But the losses of Curtis and, as I wrote last week, in particular, Joe Harvey, are big for the team for 2014. Being taken by a major league has to be an extraordinary thrill, so you can't fault either Harvey or Curtis for not returning. But with those losses, Pitt will now need to replace its entire starting rotation for 2015 and the loss of Curtis means they won't have their top reliever, either.

Also, as I mentioned last week, Wotherspoon going unsigned after the 2013 MLB Draft and returning for his senior season really hurt his draft stock for this season. Harvey and Curtis also could have returned to Pitt and slipped in next year's draft, so again, you can't fault either for leaving.

The baseball program took a step back in 2014 after moving to the ACC. We're a long ways away from next year, but with the pitching losses, you almost wonder if another down year could be on the horizon.

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