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Greentree Summer League changes for 2014

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Greentree Summer League will be here before you know it. I'm always skeptical about just how much you can take away from the games since they're pretty loose and guys are playing with others that won't be their teammates during the season. That said, it's still your best chance to get an early look at Pitt players in action for the coming year.

The Pitt News had an excellent feature on the league (go read it) and there are a few changes for the upcoming year:

  • Games will be moved from the Greentree SportsPlex to Montour High School
  • With two courts, the move will allow two games to be played at once
  • Due to a new rule, no more than two players from the same school can be on the same team

Working near the old venue, personally, it sucks a little that the games are being moved. But if you've ever been there, you know that sometimes it's not all that comfortable and parking was a nightmare. Really, the games needed to be moved to be a little more accommodating. And with an extra court there, it was really a win/win.

The other thing I didn't mind was seeing several Pitt players on a team. Those guys will get to play with each other plenty of times, obviously, but getting more game experience with them as teammates was never a bad thing. There were always restrictions about the number of same-school players on a team, but freshmen were exempt from that. The new format will split up players from the same team a bit more.

Another downside is that with two games at once, you'll need to pick and choose a little which games you want to see.

All in all, though, the experience will be a little more comfortable and won't change all that much.

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