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ESPN rates James Conner as one of the ACC's top backups

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

James Conner's been in the news quite a bit recently, picking up a ton of recognition for several college football awards, along with teammate Tyler Boyd. Conner was also identified by ESPN a few days ago as the site named him as one of the top backups in the ACC.

Technically, Conner is a backup since Isaac Bennett was the starter last year. Head coach Paul Chryst played both quite a bit, but Bennett started every game. So by that definition, ESPN was certainly right to add him to their list. Fact is that Conner could be a starter for a lot of teams.

Things could change as well, obviously. Conner could quite easily find himself getting the starts instead of Bennett. I'm not quite ready to throw Bennett off to the side as a lot of people probably are, but it's also difficult to forget Conner's huge bowl game, too.

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