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Former Pitt coach Dave Wannstedt returning to college football as analyst

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Former Pitt coach Dave Wannstedt is back in the spotlight - this time as a member of the media.

Wannstedt has accepted a job to do some TV analyst work for Fox Sports and the Big Ten. He will work on Fox doing pre-game stuff and also do a weekly preview show on the Big Ten. In an interview with the Post-Gazette, he took a mild shot at Steve Pederson. Of course.

"I guess I am moving to the dark side, so to speak," Wannstedt said, then laughed. "Now it is my turn to comment on the work of coaches…and athletic directors."

Since being forced out of leaving Pitt, Wanny has served on coaching staffs for the Buffalo Bills (linebackers coach, defensive coordinator) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (special teams coach).

So is he interested in a return to the sidelines? He clearly talks up his new job, but this isn't exactly what I'd call ruling it out:

"You know what? I’m excited about having the opportunity for a new career. Last year was my 39th year, so it’s time for a break."

Personally, I don't care much to hear Wanny in there breaking down a Purdue-Indiana game, but my guess is that the job would be something he's pretty good at. Regardless of what you think of his coaching, he's been coaching in some capacity for nearly 40 years and generally comes off as a regular guy that's pretty approachable.

It wouldn't surprise me to see him back in coaching if he gets another opportunity, though. It just seems as if that's what he really enjoys doing.

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