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Tyrone Ezell in Saints camp ... still talking WWE

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

As I mentioned on Saturday, former Pitt defensive lineman Tyrone Ezell is in camp with the New Orleans Saints. Ezell was signed by the team earlier this week and his primary goal, of course, is still to play in the NFL.

But he also isn't ready to stop talking about wrestling. Well, okay - more specifically, he's still being asked about his WWE interests away from the football field:

I heard you’re interested in WWE. How did that get started?

"It’s always been my dream as a little kid to be a professional wrestler and then football kicked off and I’m here speaking with you right now so I’m definitely rolling with that. I figured out I was pretty good at it and I just want to go that direction right now but I’m definitely a big fan of WWE and I got a championship belt and everything, which they saw at the bowl game, and I wouldn’t mind doing that if it ever came down to it."

Did you have any wrestling experience?

Three years of wrestling in high school, light heavyweight .

Who is your favorite WWE star?

All-time Goldberg but right now it’s Randy Orton.

Well, we can work on the Orton/Goldberg thing.

I'm sure you don't need me to document Ezell's interest in professional wrestling, but in case you're late to this party, here's where this all started.

The amateur wrestling background is interesting and I didn't know he had wrestled in high school. To some degree, I'm sure he probably wants to keep the focus on his football future, but hey - when you show up at bowl game with a WWE championship belt, it's a hard thing to shake.

And, hey, Vince McMahon's door is always open, Ty.

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