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Poll of the Week: Thoughts on Louisville's addition to the ACC

With Louisville on board now, will the ACC take another step forward?

Can Louisville make the ACC stronger?
Can Louisville make the ACC stronger?
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Not many would dispute that the SEC is the best conference in football. They have proven it year after year after year and despite the ACC taking a step forward with Florida State winning the national championship last year, the SEC still sits firmly at the top. There has been an ongoing battle to figure out what the order is of the remaining conferences. Right now, there appears to be a chance for the ACC to stake a claim at the top half of the power conferences on the gridiron.

Florida State is the defending National Champions, Clemson won a BCS bowl game, and finally Duke had one of the best post-season games of the year in a close loss to Johnny Football and Texas A&M. Virginia Tech and Miami have also had strong recent success.

The league had some struggles in basketball this past year, but with programs like North Carolina, Duke, Syracuse, and of course, Pitt, the ACC should have a chance at being the top conference for hoops many seasons.

In addition to those programs, this week, the Louisville Cardinals joined the conference. In terms of revenue sports, Louisville brings a strong basketball program and a football program that has had some good recent success. The Cardinals don't add as much academically as some other schools could have, but overall, bring a lot of positives to the table. What are your feelings on the addition?

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