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West Virginia hates Pitt and so does ... Delaware?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

H/T to Sean's Ramblings for point this out to me on Twitter, but a poll made the rounds on Reddit recently to identify the college football team hated the most by every state.

As you can imagine, Pitt made the list as West Virginia's most hated program. That wasn't a surprise and it had to be a landslide, actually. What didn't make sense on any level, though, was that the Panthers were the most hated team in Delaware, too.


I tried to wrap my head around the Delaware-Pitt thing and kept coming up empty as to why that state would have hatred for Pitt. As Sean points out, Pitt provided Delaware with Joe Flacco, so what gives? Initially, my theory consisted of a lot of Penn State fans in the Philly/Delaware area, but overall, I just didn't get it.

Then, I looked at the raw data where you can see how many people from each state participated. More than 8,000 people did, but a meager 18 were from Delaware. In other words, a few rogue people there were the reason for Pitt being the state's most hated team.

So, yeah.

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