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Pitt recruiting commit Mustapha Heron working to become a point guard

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

2016 basketball recruit Mustapha Heron is still a ways off from officially being able to join the Pitt program. In the meantime, though, he's been working on his game and recently played against several older players as part of the Osgood Shootout.

Part of working on his game, according to him, is learning how to be a point guard.

“Right now I’m focusing on becoming a point guard,” Heron said. “I try to be as versatile as possible so I can play multiple positions and defend multiple positions. So I’m trying to be a point guard right now but if I grow I want to be able to play the wing.”

And, as far as an update - yes, he's still committed to Pitt:

“It was a hard decision but I know I’ll grow as a player under coach [Jamie] Dixon’s system and as a person with him,” Heron said. “I know he’ll make me better and get me ready for the next level, whatever that may be, after college. I’m glad I have it out of the way so I can focus on playing with my team.”

Heron's position is still really up in the air since there are just so many factors. As the article notes, he is currently 6'5", but could grow to be as big as 6'9" according to doctors. His position may also be determined in part by who else Pitt has on the roster. 2015 recruit Damon Wilson, for example, is a kid that could play point guard.

Finally, it just depends on where he's best. His skills may be better suited to play shooting guard or small forward - particularly if he continues to grow.

Either way, he'll be a welcome addition if his commitment to the Panthers remains firm.

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