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Cardiac Hill weekly football coverage

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We're here, folks.

After the long offseason, we're finally back to the time where actual games are played. Pitt kicks off their season this Saturday against Delaware.

Because it's our first 'game week' of the season, I thought I'd let everyone know of our schedule in terms of coverage. In a few words, we'll have a lot going on, as always. Sometimes things might get pushed back a day or so. And when Pitt has a week night game, the schedule will be a little accelerated.

But overall, here's what we'll be doing.


On Monday mornings, we'll give you a first look at Pitt's upcoming opponent. I call it "At First Glance" and in a real short post, will give you an idea of the team the Panthers will face and briefly, what their chances look like.

In addition, I'll have a weekly Power Rankings post up, slotting all of the ACC's squads.


Tuesdays, we'll give you a rundown of Paul Chryst's weekly press conference. I call this "Chrystal Clear" and it's a look at the top ten things Chryst said of value. In addition, on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays, Jim will have a post up about a key player from the opposing team.


On Wednesdays, Jim will have a breakdown of the two deep rotation for the week. This often doesn't change, but when it does, we'll have the notes on it.

In addition, "Against the Odds" will be a weekly look at the betting line and the odds for or against Pitt.


"Doctor Robert" is my weekly look at the injury report and will drop on Thursdays.


Predictions time - the Cardiac Hill staff will tell you who will win the game in "Don't Bet the Farm." As always, we'll keep a running total of how all of our readers did. Last year, I edged out Jim for the title with a 10-2 record.

Saturday (Game Day)

As expected, the day of the game will be a busy one. We'll start things off early with the pertinent game information (TV channel, time, etc.) and before the game, Chris will be doing a post on scouting ahead to the following week's post in "Going Scouting."

During the game, we'll have our Open Gamethreads up. So kick back, watch the game, and comment live with us. After the game, I'll have a quick recap and then an in-depth one a little later.


Chris will weigh in with a "Panther of the Game" and also give you his turning point of the game in a separate post.

In addition, we'll also have other things on certain weeks like Q&As, etc. And on top of that, we'll keep a game week page for each week right below the top stories on our page. The reason? You'll be able to access all of our game week posts on one simple page.

Finally, for our non-football readers, have no fear. Basketball and the Olympic sports won't be dropping off the face of the earth or even be toned down. All of that coverage on the hoops team, recruiting, and the other sports will certainly continue.

With that, welcome to football season, friends. Been too long.

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