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King of the Hill: ACC Power Rankings (Preseason)

Stacy Revere

Despite the fact that football season is just a super busy time, I couldn't resist putting together the weekly power rankings for the ACC again. So, before the games even get started, here's where I'd rank the teams.

And like all other preseason rankings out there, you can definitely file this in the 'meaningless' category. Until we see these teams up close, it's virtually impossible to slot them accurately.

1. Florida State

2. Clemson

3. Duke

4. Miami

5. North Carolina

6. Virginia Tech

7. Louisville

8. Pitt

9. Georgia Tech

10. Syracuse

11. Boston College

12. Wake Forest

13. North Carolina State

14. Virginia

Ranking someone other than Florida State at No. 1 just wouldn't make any sense. And while Duke may not be the third-best team in the conference, returning as many key players as they do and winning the Coastal last year, they just flat out deserve it.

Nos. 4-6 are really a toss up for me as are 7-11. Wake, NC State, and Virginia may not be as bad as the rankings indicate, but based on last season, they're starting off at the bottom.

How would you rank them?

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