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Sit-Down with Darryl Render

Sure we hear about making up for the loss of Aaron Donald all the time, but how much do we know about the guy filling his shoes? Jesse sits down to learn more about Darryl Render.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

There's a lot more to know about these athletes than you might think, and Darryl Render is the perfect example of that.

With four trophies in Aaron Donald's closet, the number of eyes watching Pitt's defensive curtain this year is larger than it's been in a very long time. But what do we know about any of the pieces to the puzzle?

Zip. So when I sat down with Junior Darryl Render, I didn't focus on how he plans on playing with that chip on his shoulder or what he wants to improve on the most. I asked him about three things he loves other than the gridiron: Art, wings, and video games.

Take a listen to our conversation on the Southside.