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Doctor Robert: Pitt vs. Delaware

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Let's face it - it's the first game of the season so the injury report should be pretty clear, right? So the fact that it is, isn't too surprising.

Paul Chryst said at Pitt's final practice that the Panthers are relatively healthy with most of their key guys in good shape. There are a few minor injuries, but for the most part, Pitt will begin the season mostly intact.

True freshman wide receiver Adonis Jennings has missed some time at camp with a groin injury and, as a result, isn't guaranteed to see time on the field per Paul Chryst. There's also Isaac Bennett, who had shoulder surgery in the offseason and was brought along slowly in training camp. Bennett says he's ready to go and will play, but it's not unreasonable to suggest that he's not 100%.

There's, of course, the Ejuan Price injury that will force him to miss the season, too.

A few others may have some minor stuff going on, but Pitt appears relatively healthy heading into this one.

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