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Steven Adams offers scholarship at old New Zealand school, Scots College

Hagen Hopkins

We're right in the middle of the first week of football season, but I still wanted to take time out to mention some great work by former Pitt basketball player Steven Adams.

Adams, now a center for the Oklahoma City Thunder, is offering a scholarship for his old school, Scots College in Wellington. The scholarship isn't a run-of-the-mill $10,000 or so deal, either. According to this New Zealand article, it could actually be pretty costly for Adams, possibly up to about $240,000.

The scholarship will go to a student that plays basketball and exhibits determination, humility, and commitment. His former coach Kenny McFadden will be involved with the selection of a student as well.

Really good stuff by Adams here and it's great to see him giving back so early in his career. New Zealand is still a huge part of Adams, as it should be. Kudos to the former Pitt center.

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