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Poll of the Week: How many wins for Pitt?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

We're a day late with the Poll of the Week ... mostly because it's football week and just extremely busy. But a lot of these have drawn some good discussion, so we are going to keep them going throughout the year.

This week's question just makes sense - how many regular season wins will the football team have? Six? Seven? Eight? Less or more?

For me, I'm looking at 7-8 and if you're holding my feet to the fire, I'm probably picking seven. Ask me again in five minutes and you'll get a different answer, but here's my brief explanation.

I see wins against Delaware, FIU, and Akron pretty easily. I'll tentatively give them Syracuse, too, since it's at home.

Virginia and Boston College could be wins, but with both on the road, Pitt could see a split there. I'll also call a tentative split between the four home games against Duke, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, and Iowa. All in all, in those six games, I'll give them three wins.

Pitt may be able to sneak one out on the road against North Carolina, but I don't see them beating Miami. For those two, I'll call 0-2.

Add it all up and you get seven wins. I'm hoping Pitt proves me wrong and grabs at least another regular season win, but for now, that's where I see things. What do you see?.Weigh in below and then explain your answer in the comments section.

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