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Poll: Pitt's Sixth Man

Apparently you only get five guys on the court at a time, which means Jamie Dixon is gonna have to make some choices. You've thought about your five, so who's the first guy you send to the scorer's table?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Exactly 88 days until Halloween.

Alright, so I might be a little too anxious to rock my John DeGroat jersey that day. Especially after he drained a three late in that scrimmage this past Thursday between the 2014-15 roster and alumnus such as Troutman, Ramon and Knight.

Oh, the Chevy-T charity stripe routine was in full effect at the Pete that day - and I missed it (talk about something guaranteed to make you feel ten years younger).

Either way, my point is that the scariest day of the year also happens to be one of my personal favorites – the first game of the season for the boys in azul and oro.

It's when the Oakland Zoo gets to see who they'll be screaming their heads off for. It's when the journalists, bloggers, and tweeters see who they'll be praising and criticizing. It's when the Pittsburgh Panthers kick off another season by annihilating another cupcake team. But most importantly, it's when we all get to see which five students a former TCU star wants on the floor first.

As previously (and beautifully) discussed in a recent post by my longtime compadre Aron Minkoff, as well as in hoops connoisseur Stephen Gertz's Sheldon Jeter spotlight, nothing is 100% right now. Dixon started Randall, Young, Jones, Robinson, and Wright in yesterday's exhibition, with the senior leading the way with 21 points.

But with a lineup like that, you've got a bench full of guys way too hungry to start.

You've thought about your five. Now I'm simply changing up the question: