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Going Scouting: Boston College

Get a look at Pitt's next opponent a week before the Panthers have to face them. How can you do it? Glad you asked.

Steve Addazio wants you to check out the Eagles and see how fired up they are for 2014.
Steve Addazio wants you to check out the Eagles and see how fired up they are for 2014.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt plays Delaware this week at Heinz Field. Fortunately, we don't have to play in the football game Saturday, so it's okay for us to look ahead and go scouting against Pitt's next opponent.

The Panthers will take on Boston College on national television on Friday, September 5th and while we all know what Pitt will be up to this weekend, you may want to check out BC before you see them next week.

Thankfully, earlier in the summer, Jim gave you some facts about the Eagles so you could get re-introduced to them now that both are in the ACC.  Before the Panthers travel for their first road game in week two, Boston College will do their own traveling just down the road to play in an NFL stadium on Saturday.

BC will play the University of Massachusetts Minutemen on Saturday at 3:00 p.m. at the Patriots' Gillette Stadium, and you can watch it on ESPN3. Pitt's game should be wrapping up just in time for you to take a look at the Eagles. BC should not have a ton of trouble with UMass as they are still new to the FBS. Last year, the Minutemen went 1-11 and 1-4 in their conference.

Steve Addazio enters his second season as Eagles' coach and BC looks to replace stud running back Andre Williams and use a group effort to get off on the right foot before entertaining Pitt next week.

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