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Pitt Football Training Camp: Paul Chryst still not ready to name Chad Voytik as starting quarterback

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Chad Voytik is going to be Pitt's starting quarterback. I mean, someone should say it, right?

Voytik as the starter is probably the worst kept secret surrounding the football program for this season. Still, Paul Chryst isn't ready to anoint him just yet. Speaking after training camp practice on Monday, the Pitt head coach doesn't seem like he wants to pick a quarterback right now.

"I’m not really worried right now. Right now it’s about installation and each guy getting into a rhythm. I think it’s unfair to put that on guys right now. Every competition is ‘How can you be the best player?’ It’s a competition within itself. As that’s happening, certainly, you see who are your best players and the guys that will get more of the reps. Right now it’s about Chad (Voytik) and Trey (Anderson) getting back into it. We’ll have one (a starter) before Delaware, but not under any timeline."

I'm not actually going to kill Chryst for this. Voytik is going to start barring an injury or some really unforeseen circumstance. Everyone knows and understands that, so the public spin that Chryst is giving isn't really all that important here.

Plus, if Voytik comes out in camp and lays a complete egg while Anderson performs extremely well, Chryst is at least sparing himself the embarrassment of changing starters before the season even begins. The chance of that happening is slim, of course, but with camp just opening, there's no huge advantage to naming a starter right now, anyway.

What I don't want to see happen, obviously, is the scenario we saw in the spring with both guys getting equal reps with the starters. That was fine then, but as camp goes on, Voytik is going to need all the time he can get prepping with the first teamers and to delay the inevitable too long won't work to his advantage.

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