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Pitt Football: Training Camp Observations 8/5

Breaking down how day 2 of Pitt football training camp.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Much like yesterday, here is a brief rundown of all the things that went down on the second day of training camp.

-- There were a few guests today at practice. Pitt commits, Tony Pilato, Alex Paulina, Tre Tipton, Dane Jackson, Kevin Givens, and Nick Bowers all made it to practice. Pittsburgh Central Catholic safety, Johnny Petrishen, was also there. He is uncommitted, but Pitt has extended him an offer.  Pilato fits right into the offensive line right now, he is big and imposing. Kevin Givens is a big kid, and he is most likely suited to be a defensive end rather than a linebacker.

-- Scouts from the San Diego Chargers and St. Louis Rams were present today.

-- During special teams work, usually the linemen stay in their individual groups and just get extra work there.  James Conner spent some time going through technique drills with the Ends during this period of practice. He was an End out of high school, but he still needs to work on technique, but the raw ability is there. So in day 2, End is still a big point of emphasis.

-- Adonis Jennings was held from a lot of stuff with what coach Chryst called "a lower extremity injury." He did not seem overly concerned.

-- Another receiver vying for time was held late during 11 vs. 11's. Chris Wuestner looked like he may have had some cramping issues in his one leg. It was very hot today, so I would not think much of it.

-- The backs worked hard today, and Chris James has a smooth running style. James Conner and Isaac Bennett run every single drill to the end zone. Bennett yelled down to one of the freshmen who cut a drill short to finish, so those two definitely lead by example, but they did get a little vocal as well.

-- The Linebackers and the running backs and tight ends did some one on one's today. The guys you would expect to do well did just that. I liked Jaymar Parrish, the guy can move well for a Fullback. Anthony Gonzalez had a rough drill and made some mistakes he normally wouldn't make.

-- The offense ran some 7 vs. 7 stuff and 11 vs. 11 drills for the last good 45 minutes of practice. They blasted music through the speakers, likely to simulate crowd noise and work on communication.

-- Chad Voytik looked sharp in those drills, and had a real noticeable connection with Tyler Boyd. They hooked up on a big touchdown that went about 60 yards, and also had a few more deep throws.

-- Trey Anderson did not look so great in those same drills. He struggled with some sideline throws, and gave up a pick six to Mike Caprara, who has looked good by the way. All of the big passing drills are still split between Voytik and Anderson, the freshmen are not getting reps in those kind of drills.

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