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Pitt schedule at Maui Invitational taking shape; to face Chaminade and BYU/San Diego State

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt's full schedule at the Maui Invitational isn't known yet, but the Panthers' opponents are starting to be revealed.

Pitt will start off with Chaminade and, depending on the results, will get either BYU or San Diego State. From there, the Panthers will a third game against either Arizona, Missouri, Kansas State, or Purdue.

Getting Chaminade isn't ideal, obviously. They're a Division II opponent and instead of three quality games, the most Pitt will get is two. The flipside is that there aren't any downright horrible opponents in the remainder of the group. BYU won 20+ games last year and has done that nine years in a row. San Diego State was a top ten team last year. Playing the Aztecs would be a higher-profile game, but getting BYU wouldn't be terrible.

On the other side of the bracket, Arizona would be the big prize, of course. Purdue is probably the worst of the bunch on the other side, so playing them wouldn't be ideal. However, even they were respectable just a few years ago and if nothing else, they are at least from a major conference.

The absolute worst path for Pitt is probably Chaminade, BYU, and Purdue, but chances are, that won't happen, anyway.

Here's the full bracket on the EA Sports Maui Invitational site.