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Poll of the Week: Is Paul Chryst Too Strict?

After the suspension of Titus Howard for the year, the Panther fan base struggles with what kind of coach they want.

Paul Chryst certainly doesn't play favorites when there are off-the-field problems.
Paul Chryst certainly doesn't play favorites when there are off-the-field problems.
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Admit had been too quiet hadn't it?  There wasn't any drama for a decent stretch of time for the Panthers' football team and you missed it.

I just closed on a house. The process was smooth and we kept hearing how ahead of the game we were and how things are going very smooth.  I just had that feeling though. I just kept waiting for something to happen and then it did. Closing was pushed back an hour, then to the next day, and then another hour. It finally happened, but I knew it was too quiet. Things seemed to be progressing and then the Ejuan Price injury happened and last week, the Titus Howard suspension.

Howard will be out all year due to suspension, but is staying with the team. The suspension, however, raises another question for Pitt fans right now. We all saw what kind of coach Paul Chryst would be right before the first game with Youngstown State in 2012. Before the game, Chryst suspended six players and many of them were key players. He didn't slow down from there on the discipline front. From the Rushel Shell situation to the Tra'von Chapman legal matters, Chryst has shown one thing -- consistency. He does not care what position you play or how good you are; if you screw up off the field, you are going to pay a price for it.

What kind of coach do you want? Do you want the coach who is going to "suspend indefinitely" a player, only to have him sit out for the cupcake opener and be back for that first conference game or do you like how Chryst is running things? It is a tough situation since everyone wants to see programs run the right way, but people also want wins.

Which do you want? Do you want a coach who makes his players accountable, even if it hurts the on-the-field product or do you want a player who doesn't care, as long as they perform on the field?

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