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CBS Sports' ACC predictions on Pitt all over the map

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

CBS Sports recently released some staff picks for the ACC this football season. While all could agree that Florida State will win the Atlantic Division, the Coastal was more up in the air.

Overall, Pitt didn't fare well in the picks. Four of the seven writers picked Pitt to finish next to last in the Coastal. Two more slotted the Panthers fifth. One, however, expects a little more from the team. More specifically, CBS Sports' Jerry Hinnen says that Pitt will win the whole Division and finish first.

The whole 'wide open' Coastal thing is just getting a little repetitive to be honest. But the fact that the range of the Panthers seems to vary so greatly is, at the very least, intriguing. Some, like Hinnen probably is, are considering the Panthers' manageable schedule. Others are likely turned off by the roster questions and three consecutive .500 regular seasons.

But the great news is that at the end of the season, we'll finally have an answer to the big question surrounding the team as to how good they truly are.

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