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Cardiac Hill does the ALS Ice Water Bucket Challenge

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

I really hate being behind so much, but fact is that it's just the way it turns out a lot of the time. And with football season preparations, game week coverage, etc., forget about it.

Several weeks ago, Jim took the ALS ice water bucket challenge and then invited several of our writers to do the same. Some of our guys participated and, more importantly than the videos, we'll be donating our writing checks from the site from either August or September to the cause.

With that said, here's Jim's initial video footage. I had initially planned to post videos of several of our other guys doing it as well, but ran into some technical glitches. We may still add some of our other attempts to this post as well.

Hopefully, many of you have either donated to this great cause or found another equally worthy one to get behind. Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day.