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Jimmy Kimmel has Chris Blewitt jokes because Blewitt

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Stop me if you heard this one.

"So there's this guy named Chris Blewitt. Dude, and he's a KICKER."

I know, we get it. No, seriously, we do. It was funny the first few times last year, but quickly got stale. Unfortunately, since Blewitt is still a little-known sophomore, we've still got a few more years of this. Buckle up.

Usually, the Blewitt jokes are reserved for those on Twitter or broadcasters who haven't ever heard of him. But Blewitt is getting some national 'love' now - more specifically from late-night host Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel was the latest to mention Blewitt's unfortunate name for his profession:

The good news is that the Pitt kicker is taking it all in stride. He's even got a special package headed Kimmel's way:

So far this season, Blewitt is a perfect 3-3 on field goals. Irony. In all seriousness, it's pretty funny that Blewitt is getting this kind of recognition and it's hard to blame Kimmel and others for calling him out.

I mean - Blewitt. Get it, he blew it? Never mind.

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