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Dave Wannstedt uses halftime of Pitt-FIU game to blow up athletic director Steve Pederson

Jared Wickerham

Ever wonder if former Pitt football head coach Dave Wannstedt is still holding a grudge against Pitt athletics director, Steve Pederson? That question was answered on Saturday at halftime of the team's game against Florida International.

In what was one of the most premeditated things you'll ever see, the former Pitt coach somehow managed to crush Pederson when analyzing the first half of the game.

To the footage we go.


When asked about his thoughts on the first half, Wannstedt segued into a discussion of Paul Chryst being the right guy for the team with only one obstacle. "The athletic director at Pitt has got to get on the same page with Paul and give him the support ... let Paul run this program and they will get back to contending for conference championships, like they were four or five years ago."

In Pitt's long and winding road of head coaches, you may have forgotten that the head coach four or five years ago was Wannstedt himself.

Wannstedt's take was so premeditated but glorious at the same time. Wanny saw halftime of a Pitt game on national TV to vent and grabbed it. It's hard to blame him for feeling that way after his dismissal at Pitt and if you're a long time reader of the site, you know I'm a Wannstedt guy. But at the same time, he also really came off as not making a ton of sense given the context of analyzing the half.

Still, if you saw it live, you probably couldn't help but laugh out loud.

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