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Pitt defensive end Hugh Green named as ACC legend for 2014

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

After Johnny Majors was honored as an ACC Legend last year, another Pitt guy will be honored this year. Defensive end Hugh Green will be the Panthers' honoree for 2014.

Green is being billed as one of the headliners of the class, along with Art Monk, Derrick Brooks, and George Welsh.

The whole ACC Legends thing just continues to be weird for me. Green is one of the biggest stars in Pitt's history, of course, so his selection as the team's representative really isn't that odd. But what is strange is seeing a star that played 30 years ago being named as a legend in a conference he never played in.

Still, glad to see him get some recognition. Not enough Pitt fans appreciate how good he really was.

Here's the full list of honorees:

Hugh Green / Pitt
Chris Snee / Boston College

Donnell Woolford / Clemson      
Chris Castor / Duke
Derrick Brooks / Florida State

John Davis / Georgia Tech

Frank Minnifield / Louisville
Darrin Smith / Miami
Greg Ellis / North Carolina
Jesse Campbell / NC State
Art Monk / Syracuse
George Welsh / Virginia
Jake Grove / Virginia Tech
Alan White / Wake Forest

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