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Going Scouting: Akron Zips

While Pitt is tangling with Iowa on Saturday, get a quick glance at the Panther's next opponent...the Akron Zips.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Most of us are thinking about Iowa for Saturday's game, but looking ahead to next week, the Panthers will face Akron. Once Pitt's game is over on Saturday , you can fire up your computer and check out the team's next opponent.

Akron is 1-1 and hosts Marshall in a MAC-East showdown. The kickoff is at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday and you can check it out on ESPN3 by logging onto your computer. The good news about the ESPN3 games are that you don't need to watch them live.

Marshall enters the game with a 3-0 record and has scored over 40 points in each game. Akron's lone loss is a closer than expected 21-3 defeat in Happy Valley at the hands of Penn State. The game was tougher than many expected, but with a glance at Akron's coaching staff and you can see why the Zips may not be a pushover for a lot of teams.

Terry Bowden heads up the coaching staff and he brings with him ACC and SEC experience. The defensive coordinator is former N.C. State head coach and Florida State assistant, Chuck Amato. They had a tough road to pave after two consecutive 1-11 seasons before they arrived. Last season the Zips jumped up to 5-7 and from the Penn State game, it seems they are moving in the right direction.

After Pitt finishes up with Iowa today, check on your phone or laptop and see what they have to deal with next week.

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