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Know your Enemy: Kyle Pohl

Pitt will have to go up against an experienced quarterback this week when Akron comes to town.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Pohl

Height/Weight - 6'3" 217 Junior Quarterback

2014 Stats - 64-119  667 yards 4 touchdowns-2 interceptions

Pitt Player that needs to "Step up" - Lafayette Pitts/Reggie Mitchell

Kyle Pohl is not off to some incredible start or anything. The junior quarterback from Akron has thrown four touchdowns this season, all of which came against FCS Howard. He is only completing 53% of his passes, and Akron has barely been able to muster much of anything scoring wise in recent weeks against Penn State and Marshall. Still, Pohl can be a dangerous player. He did throw for 2,438 yards and 14 touchdowns as a sophomore. Pohl is a capable quarterback that has yet to find his groove, and you just hope this isn't the week he finds it.

Pitt just allowed Iowa's backup to complete 7-8 passes for 98 yards in the second half in their 24-20 loss to the Hawkeyes. Prior to that, they allowed a poor FIU team some success in the air, and even allowed an average passing team in Boston College to complete a big touchdown play. It may just be a few breakdowns in coverage here and there, but they are resulting in big plays for the other team.

Akron is not a great rushing team at all - in fact, they are really bad. Pohl leads the team in rushing with just 69 yards. Pitt's front seven should be able to get a better pass rush and will likely lock down their running game. It will come down to Lafayette Pitts and Reggie Mitchell playing smart, solid football. Pitt can't break entirely, they may be able to bend a little bit, but they can't let a 1-2 Akron team throw all over them, especially since they know that's what's coming.

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