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Poll of the Week: Iowa Tops Pitt

Was Pitt's loss to Iowa nothing more than a bump in the road? Or does it signal a cause for concern?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Panthers were unable to defeat the Iowa Hawkeyes at home last weekend. Pitt started the season 3-0 but have now suffered their first loss. Does the loss shed light on some issues that the Panthers need to fix going forward?

Both running back James Connor and wide receiver Tyler Boyd had outstanding games, individually. But Pitt was outscored 17 to 3 once the third quarter began.

So, in your opinion, did the loss against Iowa smell like a typical Panthers loss, or was it just a bump in the road? Either way, a lot of people will be curious how this Pitt team responds as they prepare to face the Akron Zips this Saturday at home. Akron is just 1-2 on the season, so hopefully the Panthers take care of business.

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