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The Turning Point: A Hold and A Drop

Pitt actually showed a little life for a moment yesterday and then fizzled out after two consecutive plays where the Panthers failed to convert against Akron.

Chad Voytik and Pitt fell short yesterday.
Chad Voytik and Pitt fell short yesterday.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Akron had just taken the opening kickoff of the second half and took their first lead of the day yesterday, 14-7. It was up to the Pitt Panthers to respond and they drove from their own 37-yard line down to the Akron six. There sat the Panthers with a third and goal and a chance to tie the game.

Chad Voytik took a short drop and nailed Tyler Boyd for what appeared to be a game tying touchdown on a quick slant. Boyd stood up and celebrated momentarily until Dorian Johnson was called for holding and set Pitt back to the 16-yard line for another third and goal. With the lack of confidence fans have in the passing game at the moment, things seemed bleak.

Voytik, however, dropped back again on the next play and lofted a perfect pass into the corner of the end zone to hit Kevin Weatherspoon directly in the hands. The pass was just beyond the outstretched defender and hit Weatherspoon in stride. Unfortunately, the redshirt senior dropped the pass and Pitt had to settle for a Chris Blewitt field goal. Despite the score being better than it was before those two plays, the fight was all over for Pitt as Akron took control and won yesterday, 21-10. A touchdown there ties things up and maybe gives the Panthers a little more life.

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