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Paul Chryst could consider Trey Anderson as option over Chad Voytik

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Thus far, Pitt quarterback Chad Voytik has been far from perfect. While he's passing a bit more (he has 470 total yards in the past two games), his six touchdowns to four interceptions could use some work.

So is he in any danger of losing his job? According to Paul Chryst, maybe.

At his weekly press conference, Chryst was asked if he might consider giving Trey Anderson some playing time. Chryst didn't rule it out. "As long as he keeps progressing and working. I think that’s with all of our players if guys earn the right to play," said the head coach. "Now, you want to make sure it fits the situation…It’s always a possibility."

Voytik hasn't been perfect, but I'm not sure a change makes all that much sense. If Pitt had another viable option, it could be considered. But with all due respect to Anderson, he isn't that guy. Anderson is the perfect example of a career backup and, truthfully, he's better suited as a third-string emergency quarterback. Clamoring for him to start isn't quite as bad as the fans that wanted him to play over Tino Sunseri a few years ago. But I'm not convinced Anderson will be an upgrade.

Despite that, however, Chryst playing Anderson would hardly be a surprise. He's already given him snaps earlier this year and waited an unusually time before naming Voytik as the starter. He doesn't seem all that far off from giving his backup a chance and the loss to Akron didn't help Voytik's case.

Personally, I'm not interested in seeing a switch. For one thing, all of the offensive troubles have hardly been Voytik's fault. The playcalling has been suspect, James Conner hasn't been as effective, and some receivers have had the case of the drops.

Chryst also needs to realize this goes beyond this year. Due to a lack of depth at the position, there's a good chance that Voytik will be a three-year starter. The team needs to get him more reps when Pitt grows up a bit next year and hopefully will be more competitive.

Pitt has offensive issues that go beyond what Voytik was done. For that reason, I'm not hoping to see a switch just yet.

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