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Breaking down the Two-Deep: Pitt at Virginia

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

QB - 1. Chad Voytik   2. Trey Anderson

Chad Voytik did not have a great game, and his development is still a work in progress. I think the overall frustration of the state of the team will be partially taken out on Voytik. He's still a first year starter, and we knew these growing pains would happen. His best asset is throwing on the run and making a few runs here and there, his throwing is not entirely polished yet. He spread the ball around better last week, he got four receivers involved, two tight ends, and two running backs. I would say him getting the ball spread around to more receivers is a slight sign of progress.

RB - 1. James Conner  2. Isaac Bennett

James Conner's streak of 150 plus yard rushing games was halted against Akron. The Zips loaded the box and forced Conner to make some mistakes. Conner did not  have a lot of room to run, but made some poor cuts at times and looked flustered. Rachid Ibrahim had a carry and three receptions as he made his way back into the offense. Isaac Bennett touched the ball five times, while Chris James got just two carries.  Teams are going to load up on Conner, perhaps getting quicker guys like Ibrahim some touches will remain in the game plan.

HB - 1. Jaymar Parrish  2. Scott Orndoff

Jaymar Parrish was involved in the offense more than he has all year.  Parrish caught two passes for 13 yards, and looked good in the process.  Parrish is a weapon and perhaps all the tight ends will continue to get more involved.

WR - 1. Tyler Boyd Manasseh Garner  2. Ronald Jones Kevin Weatherspoon

Tyler Boyd continues to make great catches and be one of the rocks of this offense. He's so reliable, but he can't do it all himself.  The second most talented receiver on this team finally started to play last week, and Adonis Jennings came up with one catch for 11 yards. Jennings should play significantly more this week as he is finally healthy. Manasseh Garner has done a fine job as the number two guy, but the offense needs more punched. Jennings should start working his way into more playing time.

TE - 1. JP Holtz  2. Devon Edwards

JP Holtz came up with one catch for a big 17 yard gain on Pitt's last pivotal drive before Voytik threw an interception. It was nice to see Voytik look his way, and for Holtz to respond with a nice play after the catch.  Hopefully he sees more touches as I have been clamoring for some time now.

LT -  1. Adam Bisnowaty  2. Jaryd Jones-Smith

LG - 1. Dorian Johnson 2. Carson Baker

C - 1. Alex Officer  2. Gabe Roberts

RG - 1. Matt Rotheram  2. Alex Officer

RT - 1. TJ Clemmings  2. Alex Bookser

Pitt's offensive line had their worst performance of the year, but that was partly due to some play calling. Rudolph and Chryst insisted on running the ball with 8-9 defenders in the box, and the blocking and James Conner can only do so much, there has to come a time where they let Voytik throw it more. Try some swing passes to Ibrhaim, dump offs to tight ends, get Boyd in space...ya know something else. Pitt tinkered with Officer and Roberts, but they seemed to have more success with Officer on the field.

DE - 1. Shakir Soto David Durham  2. Devin Cook OR Luke Maclean  Rori Blair

Devin Cook managed to crack the official two-deep depth chart for the first time this season as Luke Maclean was out last week with an ankle injury. His status is still up in the air, so Cook may see some time. Rori Blair and David Durham each came up with a sack. Blair has done a fine job for a true freshman. Shakir Soto has not done much this season, and his total numbers reflect that.

DT - 1. Darryl Render  2. Justin Moody

I thought Render did some good things on Saturday, but with the ends playing inconsistent, Pitt is noticeably missing Aaron Donald. Render isn't a bad player, but he isn't the impact guy Donald was. To be fair, not many people are.

NT - 1. Khaynin Mosley-Smith  2. Tyrique Jarrett

Neither nose tackle posted a tackle of any kind against Akron.

FREEZE LB -  Nicholas Grigsby

Grigsby came up with four total tackles and a forced fumble Saturday.

SAM OLB - 1. Anthony Gonzalez  2. Bam Bradley

Anthony Gonzalez was one of the few bright spots on the field Saturday. He had nine solo tackles and was flying around the field for the Panthers' D. He still leads the team in tackles.

MLB - 1. Matt Galambos  2. Mike Caprara

As Pitt's middle linebacker, Galambos recorded one tackle on Saturday. He was not always on the field, but that's never a good sign.

WILL LB - 1. Todd Thomas 2. Quintin Wirginis

Curiously, Todd Thomas did not see a lot of action Saturday. He still came up with a few stops, but in certain packages, Thomas does not play. I think Thomas is Pitt's overall best player on defense, and he needs to be out there as much as he can.

CB -  1. Reggie Mitchell  Lafeyette Pitts   2. Ryan Lewis Avonte Maddox

Corner is still a big issue.  Pitt was beat deep again a few times, and they continue to be a weak link on defense. There is nobody behind these four really, it's either get better, or continue to get beat.

SS - 1. Terrish Webb  2. Jevonte Pitts

Terrish Webb came up with five tackles on Saturday. He is second on the team in tackles.

FS - 1. Ray Vinopal 2. Pat Amara

Vinopal came up with five stops on Saturday.

K - Chris Blewitt  P - Ryan Winslow  LS - David Murphy

Chris Blewitt continues to be impressive, as he is 7-7 on the year on Field Goals.

PR - 1. Tyler Boyd  2. Kevin Weatherspoon

Outside of Boyd's nice return against Delaware, Pitt has not done much in this department.

KR -  1. Tyler Boyd  2. Ronald Jones  3. Avonte Maddox

Ronald Jones and Avonte Maddox have been out there the most for these, despite Boyd being listed as the starter each week. Jones had a nice little run on Saturday.