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Aaron Donald went unblocked on a play. This is what happens when Aaron Donald goes unblocked on plays.

Michael Thomas

Former Pitt defensive tackle Aaron Donald is still getting his feet wet in the NFL with the St. Louis Rams. Donald won't be dominating NFL offensive linemen the way he did to teams in the ACC last year, but that doesn't mean the game is too fast for him at the next level.

Donald is still doing Donald things like this. Roll the footage.

Despite the fact that Donald is just a rookie and on an incredible defensive line, the fact that he can go completely unblocked is still pretty astounding. Teams might not have the luxury of double-teaming Donald like he regularly was in college, but, come on. Missed assignments happen so it's not as it if was intentional. It just happened against like the worst possible guy.

Someone might want to watch out for that No. 99 guy - I've heard he's pretty good. I mean, maybe it's just a rumor. Thanks to Diehard Sport for the find.

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