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Lesean McCoy reportedly leaves .20 tip. Wait, what?

Rich Schultz

We love us some Lesean McCoy. No, really - we do.

I check in pretty regularly with Shady's antics and when he makes news, which is practically, like, all the time now. But heck, he's the NFL's rushing leader from 2013, loves Pitt, and does a lot of charity work. The former Pitt running back is again in the news, but not for a particularly good reason this time.

Apparently, Shady left a $.20 tip on a $60.00 bill. That's not $20.00 as you might expect from a multimillionaire - rather, it's the sum of twenty cents.

Wait, what?

Now, McCoy may not be a bad tipper in general, but word is that he wasn't real happy with the service he and his party had.

We've all had bad service, but the best way to handle that is tip the minimum 15% and move on. But if you're inclined to tip something ridiculous (you know, less than 1%), you probably should make sure you're not an NFL running back.