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Pitt Football recruiting: TE Nick Bowers flips to Penn State

The longtime commit of Pitt flips to PSU after official visit there

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

A year ago tomorrow, Kittanning TE Nick Bowers committed to Paul Chryst and the Panthers. Penn State starteNick Bowers decided to take an official visit there this past weekend and he flipped today when James Franklin visited him at home.

In terms of depth, this is not really a loss at all. Tight end has a huge amount of depth after Chryst's recruiting, and there is some good talent there as well. Bowers would have likely redshirted with the talent ahead of him at that position at Pitt. Narduzzi will be able to use the scholarship for depth needed elsewhere which is good. Narduzzi only had a few weeks to catch up on the relationship Bowers had with both with Pitt coaches and Penn State coaches.

Obviously in terms of perception, this one hurts. You never want to lose any committed recruit to a rival, especially this late. However, I will be very interested to see Narduzzi versus Franklin recruiting wise when both have a full cycle. Frankly, the recruits Narduzzi has pulled in so far would have been considered best case scenario under Chryst especially with guys like Jay Stocker, Saleem Brightwell, and Anthony McKee.

Oh, and Pitt still has the highest rated recruit in Pennsylvania in Jordan Whitehead, so there's that.

Either way, 2016 at Heinz can't come soon enough.