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(Don't) Bet the Farm: Pitt vs. Georgia Tech Predictions

The Cardiac Hill staff picks Pitt's sixth game of the season.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, the staff was unanimous in picking Pitt against Virginia. I noted how all of us picking Pitt against a Power 5 team was a sure sign Pitt would screw it up, but did also note that this team felt a little different than the usual Pitt team. Looks like this team is a little different as they got the win last Saturday. This week? We're not quite unanimous. I will say there was a lot more trepidation this week for this game. Any road conference game is a tough one, especially when it's against a team who has their backs against the wall like Georgia Tech does.

Having said that, Georgia Tech is still 2-4, and have lost their last four games. What was once the overwhelming Coastal favorite has become one of the biggest disappointments of the season on the college football landscape. Their competition has been good, but they're reeling a bit. They have a couple of injuries going into the game at a couple positions. From listening to Chris Peak's Trib Live show, 14 players from Georgia Tech have gone down to injury, mostly on offense. The defense has been trending badly giving up more and more points each game the team has lost. Pitt Defensive Coordinator Josh Conklin also seems to be kind of looking forward to defending the option. I've never heard a coach say something like that going into a game. The staff seems confident, which is never a bad thing. 

It's getting harder and harder to not get caught up in the small amount of hype Pitt has going right now and pick games without bias. Having said that, I think the Panthers get their first win against Georgia Tech in the ACC, and provide just a little more hype to what's happening this year with this team.

I'm not 100% confident in Pitt's offense yet, so I'm going to go with the same 27-10 score as last week.

Anson - Pitt (5-0)

Aron - Pitt (5-0)

Chris - Georgia Tech (5-0)

Stephen - Pitt (5-0)

JD - Pitt (4-1)

Jim - Pitt  (3-2)