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Pitt-North Carolina Panther of the Game: Tyler Boyd

Tyler Boyd had another solid game in Pitt's loss to North Carolina last night.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When you have the stats that Tyler Boyd had last night for Pitt and some describe it as a quiet game, you know you are a pretty good player. There were not a ton of bright spots for the Panthers in their 26-19 loss to the Tar Heels at Heinz Field, but Boyd continued his great junior season and kept Pitt afloat for the majority of the game.

The Panthers got away from Qadree Ollison and the running game and quarterback Nate Peterman had an uncharacteristic game in that he seemed jittery in the pocket. Add to that the new UNC defensive coordinator Gene Chizik's whole game plan focused on stopping Boyd and his night doesn't seem so ordinary.

The former Clairton player finished the game with ten catches for 89 yards and two carries for eight yards. Boyd also chipped in 40 yards on two kick returns. He's had bigger numbers, but while Peterman and the Panthers were in hurry up mode, Boyd seemed to be favoring a slight injury on the sidelines and also missed the last drive of the game. There is little doubt that he would have added to his numbers on that drive, had he been available. The injury does not seem to be serious, but might be something to keep an eye on in the next few days.

In a lackluster night for the team, Boyd again continued to stand out individually.

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