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Hello and Welcome to UnScripted: The Cardiac Hill Podcast

Cardiac Hill has a new podcast for Pitt fans

Hey there! My name is Corey Cohen, I’m a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, and now I’m working as a professional sports broadcaster in the Philadelphia area. I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be the host of UnScripted: The Cardiac Hill Podcast.

A bit on my background, I can’t say that I’ve been a Pitt fan all of my life like some of you. I grew up in King of Prussia, PA outside of Philadelphia, not much of a college fan at all. When I chose to go to Pitt in 2011, I became a diehard fan almost instantly; in large part with the help of Cardiac Hill, the perfect resource for anyone who follows Pitt. I had an unbelievable experience at the University of Pittsburgh, in large part due to the fun of Pitt sports (despite the football team finishing 6-6 every year I was there). I was also a proud member of the Pitt Band and WPTS Sports. Now as an alumnus, I’m working as a play-by-play announcer and sports anchor at multiple locations in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Onto the podcast, Jim and Anson approached me about joining the team to bring a new dimension to Cardiac Hill and of course I had to say yes. We don’t have every detail set in stone and we’ll continue to discover what works, but I’m happy to say that we’re creating a podcast called UnScripted: The Cardiac Hill Podcast. It’ll be once a week and we’ll keep it brief enough so you can listen during your commute to work, while exercising, or whenever. I’ll be the host and will welcome someone from the Cardiac Hill team for us to discuss what happened the week before in Pitt sports and what to look forward to. We’ll have lively analysis and debate, some recurring segments, predictions, and an all-around enjoyment program for Pitt fans.

I wanted to do this podcast because Pitt has become a part of who I am and sports broadcasting is my passion. I look forward to bringing you all a great show and can’t wait to get started with UnScripted: The Cardiac Hill Podcast.

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