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ACC Bowl Projections, Week of Nov 8: Nobody Knows Anything

Nine bowl projections put Pitt in four different bowls, although this week's game against Duke should clear up a good deal of the confusion.

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The two losses since the last projections rundown haven't actually changed too much with regard to the bowl projections, with the only big difference is that I no longer need to check the "playoff contenders" tab to do this. The one commonality among projections is that every opponent is from a Power 5 conference, which, after a few years in a row of bowls against the likes of Bowling Green and Houston, is very welcome.

I mean, yeah, there's one projection that puts us against Navy. But Navy's really good this year. Plus, they're the troops.

Notre Dame is eligible for the ACC's bowl tie-ins and is thus included here. I've included bowl payouts (source) as a metric of the prestige of the bowl, to remind us all of the inextricable link between commerce and nominally "amateur" athletics, and because the gift suites are probably better at the nicer bowls. Bowl payouts are not included for the playoff games and selection committee bowls because they are still to be determined.

Projections Used

College Football Playoff
December 31st/Miami or Arlington, TX

  • Clemson vs. Alabama (CBS, Athlon)
  • Clemson vs. Baylor (SN, SBN, ESPN-2)
  • Clemson vs. Ohio State (CI)
  • Clemson vs. Oklahoma State (ESPN-1, SI)
  • Clemson vs. Stanford (FOX)

Fiesta Bowl
January 1st/Glendale, AZ

  • Notre Dame vs. Houston (SN)
  • Notre Dame vs. Iowa (SBN)
  • Notre Dame vs. Utah (ESPN-2, SI)

Peach Bowl
January 1st/Atlanta

  • Notre Dame vs. Florida (CI, Athlon)
  • Notre Dame vs. LSU (ESPN-1)
  • Notre Dame vs. Michigan State (CBS)

TaxSlayer Bowl
January 2nd/Jacksonville, FL/$2,750,000

  • Duke vs. Texas A&M (ESPN-1)
  • Florida State vs. Arkansas (SN)
  • Louisville vs. Arkansas (Athlon)
  • North Carolina vs. Mississippi State (CBS)
  • North Carolina vs. Mississippi (FOX)

Music City Bowl
December 30th/Nashville, TN/$2,750,000

  • Duke vs. Arkansas (ESPN-2)
  • NC State vs. Georgia (SBN)
  • Pittsburgh vs. Arkansas (SI)
  • Pittsburgh vs. Mississippi State (CI)

Russell Athletic Bowl
December 29th/Orlando, FL/$2,275,000

  • Florida State vs. Oklahoma State (SBN, CBS)
  • Florida State vs. TCU (ESPN-2, SI, FOX, Athlon)
  • North Carolina vs. TCU (CI, SN)
  • North Carolina vs. West Virginia (ESPN-1)

Sun Bowl
December 26th/El Paso, TX/$2,150,000

  • Florida State vs. UCLA (CI)
  • Louisville vs. Washington State (ESPN-2, CBS)
  • NC State vs. Cal (SI)
  • Pittsburgh vs. Cal (SBN)
  • Pittsburgh vs. Oregon (ESPN-1, FOX, Athlon)
  • Virginia Tech vs. Oregon (SN)

Pinstripe Bowl
December 26th/New York/$2,000,000

  • Florida State vs. Wisconsin (ESPN-1)
  • Duke vs. Indiana (CI, SBN)
  • Duke vs. Minnesota (CBS, SI)
  • Duke vs. Wisconsin (Athlon)
  • Pittsburgh vs. Illinois (SN)
  • Pittsburgh vs. Northwestern (ESPN-2)
  • Virginia Tech vs. Northwestern (CBS)

Belk Bowl
December 30th/Charlotte, NC/$1,700,000

  • Duke vs. Arkansas (FOX)
  • Duke vs. Tennessee (SN)
  • North Carolina vs. Auburn (SBN)
  • North Carolina vs. Mississippi State (Athlon)
  • North Carolina vs. Tennessee (ESPN-2)
  • North Carolina vs. Texas A&M (SI)
  • NC State vs. Auburn (CI)
  • NC State vs. Arkansas (ESPN-1)
  • NC State vs. Texas A&M (CBS)

QuickLane Bowl
December 28th/Detroit/$1,200,000

  • Louisville vs. Louisiana-Lafayette (SI)
  • Louisville vs. Washington (CI)
  • Louisville vs. Western Michigan (FOX)
  • Miami vs. Illinois (Athlon)
  • Miami vs. Indiana (CBS)
  • Miami vs. Minnesota (SBN)
  • NC State vs. Indiana (SN, ESPN-2)
  • Virginia Tech vs. Nebraska (ESPN-1)

Independence Bowl
December 26th/Shreveport, LA/$1,200,000

  • Louisville vs. Ohio (ESPN-1)
  • Louisville vs. Louisiana Tech (SN)
  • Miami vs. Kentucky (CI)
  • NC State vs. Colorado State (FOX)
  • Virginia Tech vs. Kentucky (CBS)
  • Virginia Tech vs. UTEP (ESPN-2, SI)
  • Virginia Tech vs. Colorado State (Athlon)

Military Bowl
December 28th/Annapolis, MD/$1,000,000

  • Louisville vs. Navy (SBN)
  • Miami vs. Navy (SN, ESPN-1, ESPN-2, SI, FOX)
  • NC State vs. Navy (Athlon)
  • Pittsburgh vs. Navy (CBS)
  • Virginia Tech vs. Navy (CI)
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