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Doctor Robert: Pitt-Duke Injury Report

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt faces Duke on Saturday and, as usual, the team will have at least a couple of key injuries to watch. Most specifically this week, defensive linemen Mark Scarpinato and Tyrique Jarrett are both listed as doubtful for the Panthers' game against the Blue Devils.

Those are pretty big (literally, and figuratively) losses if they are unable to go this weekend. In terms of the depth chart that Jim wrote about earlier this week, that would seemingly move Jeremiah Taleni into the backup role behind Darryl Render. It also could move KK Mosley Smith up to start. Pitt's pass rush has been lackluster enough at times so losing those two against a talented quarterback could mean trouble. Both of those guys have made plays for the team and been solid contributors. Losing both at the same time is really bad news.

Speaking of that quarterback, Thomas Sirk is listed as questionable on the Blue Devils side with an upper body injury. Sirk is a huge part of what Duke is able to do on offense, so if he is unable to play or even limited, that should improve Pitt's chances of a victory. Based on what Pat Narduzzi said today, though, it sounds as if he fully expects Sirk to be ready to go.

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