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Pat Narduzzi agrees to contact extension through 2021

Scott Barnes locks up Narduzzi for two more years.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

With all of the coaching turnover this year, I'm sure Pitt fans had a little nervousness in the back of their minds about our own Pat Narduzzi and what his long term plans were. Thankfully, Narduzzi wasn't ever seriously (no, those Rutgers reports are not legitimate. Stop it.) considered for any other jobs despite quite a few number of high profile ones being available.

Today, however, Scott Barnes announced that Pitt and Pat Narduzzi had agreed to a contract extension of two years through the 2021 season.

Barnes tweeted out the news right at about the same time the press release went out.

Two years will be added to Narduzzi's original five-year agreement, ensuring he will remain the Panthers' head coach through at least the 2021 season. Financial terms and other contractual details were not disclosed. "Pat Narduzzi has adrenalized Pitt football on and off the field,"

Barnes said. "We are proud of what our program has accomplished this season. Moreover, we're excited about what our student-athletes can continue to achieve--on the field, in the classroom and in the community--under Pat's long-term leadership."

Narduzzi commented on how he plans to be at Pitt for a long time.

"I'm greatly appreciative and humbled by the support and faith that Scott Barnes and Chancellor Patrick Gallagher have shown me," Narduzzi said. "The University of Pittsburgh is an incredible place with incredible people. My family and I plan to make Pittsburgh our home for a very long time and we're glad the leadership at Pitt feels the same way. It is an honor to serve as Pitt's head football coach and I'm continuously energized by what we can, and will, accomplish here."

You could argue very reasonably it was maybe a little early for an extension for Narduzzi since it had only been one year. Considering the coaching turnover, however, and how bad Pitt's luck has been with keeping coaches here, I think it was a smart move. Rival schools undoubtedly have said to recruits "Narduzzi isn't staying there long term. He'll get a better job and move on". While it's still possible Narduzzi could leave, signing an extension now shows not only is Pitt willing to pay the money to keep Narduzzi, but that Narduzzi is willing to make that agreement to stay. It's undoubtedly gonna be harder for a school to even attempt to pull Narduzzi with a long term deal in place.

From what I understand, Narduzzi has been given everything he's asked for to improve the program. Let's just say he's getting a lot more support than his predecessors. That's what it takes to keep a successful coach. It's very early in Pat Narduzzi's career, but obviously Pitt feels they have somebody pretty good.

Scott Barnes has only been technically on the job about six months, but he's made some smart moves to extend coaches like Narduzzi and Suzie McConnell-Serio for women's basketball, along with hiring a very highly rated soccer coach.

It looks like Narduzzi did feel this extension would help recruiting.