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Dave Wannstedt is lighting James Franklin on fire

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Pitt and Penn State don't like each other. We get it. But even those of us that know that simple fact found this pretty amusing.

On the B1G Championship pre-game show, Penn State coach James Franklin was there - which makes sense. Coaching in the Big Ten, he faced Michigan State in the team's last game of the year (which, by the way, wasn't real pretty as Penn State was defeated by a whopping 39 points) and is, of course, very aware of what Iowa brings to the table. Former Pitt coach Dave Wannstedt with no connection to the conference was there as well, but it wasn't too surprising considering he is a FOX analyst.

Wannstedt, who had somewhat of a bitter exit from Pitt, has taken to the airwaves to indirectly crush former athletic director Steve Pederson before. But on Saturday, this time he went after Penn State and James Franklin a bit.

During the pre-game show comments, which you can see here, Wannstedt talks about Penn State basically rolling over and dying in the game against the Spartans. The funny thing is that he actually changes his earlier pick and goes with Michigan State, citing the film of how good they looked against Penn State.

It was done good-naturedly and Franklin, for his part, joked about coming across the table to get Wannstedt. It certainly wasn't malicious, but nonetheless pretty funny given the rivalry.

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