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Pitt fans not pleased (okay, irate) with Military Bowl selection

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The Pitt football team had, by most indications, a pretty successful year at 8-4. That season was 'rewarded' with a trip to the Military Bowl, but as you might expect, that didn't make many fans happy.

That's not so much a shot at the bowl, which features a very good Navy team. Rather, fans were upset because the team didn't land in one of the ACC's Tier One bowl games, being passed up by several 7-5 teams in the process.

Nevertheless, the ACC was certain that fans would be fine with this. The conference made their announcement on Twitter to happily congratulate the Panthers.

Awww, that's cute. So nice of them, really. Such a warm response might usually elicit emotions such as 'Go Pitt!', 'H2P', or even a hearty, 'Why, thank you.'

Yeah, so, that didn't happen. Pitt fans responded ... well, let's have a look:

There were, the logical responses, such as this:

And then, well, just pure, unmitigated anger:

I should note that several (okay, so most) responses weren't exactly, shall we say, fit for human consumption. These were actually the tame ones. But you get the idea.

To be fair here, some of this anger is misdirected. Fans should be upset at the bowls here since they are the ones making the picks. The bowls that selected 7-5 Miami, North Carolina State, and Louisville for Tier One games over the Panthers are the ones who really gave it to Pitt here.

The ACC isn't completely off the hook since they are the ones that made the rules here and allow better teams to be passed up by others. Still, it shouldn't be lost that the bowls are in this to make money and are the ones making the selections here.

It's also worth pointing out that the anger wasn't directed so much at Navy, a very quality opponent. Rather, fans were upset about the process that somehow took one of the better teams in its conference and slotted them near the bottom in terms of bowl prestige.

Regardless of whoever you blame, one thing that is pretty apparent is that Pitt fans aren't very happy.

#GOACC (I guess, right?)

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