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Pitt forward Jamel Artis named ACC Player of the Week

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Chris has been spotlighting Pitt forward Jamel Artis in our weekly Panther of the Week posts, but this week he received a loftier distinction, being named as the ACC Player of the Week.

This week in wins against Syracuse and Bryant, he averaged 26 points, eight rebounds, and three steals per game. It could be argued that Artis had a bit of a break with the late non-conference game against Bryant, but considering that Pitt probably would have lost that game without him, that actually adds to his case for the award.

Artis has become some kind of player for the Panthers. We've talked so much about inconsistency for the team this year, but he's been the absolute opposite of that over the past three weeks. Over that stretch, he's averaging over 21 points and seven rebounds per game.

He hasn't played well the entire season and Michael Young has actually been a more consistent performer from start to finish for the team. But Artis is clearly playing the best of anyone on the team right now and he's really come out of nowhere to not only become a more solid contributor, but an absolute star.

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