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Pitt vs. Boston College: Open Gamethread

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

And down the stretch they come.

Pitt has four regular season games left and you can argue that they're all must wins starting with tonight's contest against Boston College. I'm not sure Pitt needs to run the table to get into the NCAA Tournament but the team has to treat it that way. The problem with losing any games left is that it would either be considered a bad loss or, in the case of Miami, a loss to a team they're in competition with for a spot in the tourney.

To some degree, you could argue that the game they could most afford to lose was actually Syracuse this past weekend.

Boson College not only gave Pitt a pretty good scare earlier in the season, but virtually had a win wrapped up. But the Panthers pulled that game out and I just don't see a repeat performance tonight for several reasons.

As stated, Pitt desperately needs this win. The Panthers also saw what happened when they don't come out prepared in that earlier near loss to Boston College. Plus, getting this game at home, where the team is 13-2 this season, makes it very hard to go against Pitt. Finally, an even bigger factor is that Pitt is just playing some pretty good basketball right now. They looked bad against Virginia and Louisville, but most teams have this year. Pitt played very well in two recent games against Syracuse and a dominant win against North Carolina. I just like the way they've looked overall.

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